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Laura Lonardi

College: Baylor

Laura Lonardi Stories
Nov. 03 - 5:44
Illinois men, USC women take East Lake Cup titles

Nov. 02 - 5:53
Georgia, Illinois off to hot starts before darkness suspends East Lake Cup

Sept. 01 - 8
Women's countdown: Ringler's preseason top 30

May 26 - 10:24
NCAA Women's Championship final, by the rankings

May 25 - 11
NCAA Women's Championship quarterfinal matches, by the rankings

April 27 - 6:09
Team of the week: Baylor Bears

April 14 - 12
Full coverage: Women's conference championships

Feb. 16 - 5:39
Team of the week: Baylor

Feb. 16 - 1:33
Baylor on the map after Palos Verdes stunner

Feb. 09 - 10:56
Baylor adds to lead at Regional Challenge

Feb. 08 - 10:08
Baylor starts spring with Northrop Grumman lead

Sept. 02 - 6
Tee times: Women's World Amateur Team

April 06 - 4:19
Baylor wins shortened SMU Invitational

Aug. 16 - 10
Women's countdown: No. 19 Baylor

June 15 - 5:30
English teen Hall wins Ladies British Amateur

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