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Barry McDonnell
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Jan. 29 - 11:16
Rickie Fowler having fun with Butch Harmon as swing coach

Sept. 18 - 10:04
First Round Pairings: Golfweek International Junior Invitational

April 12 - 8:54
Fowler's swing changes paying off at Augusta

Jan. 07 - 5:18
Fowler strives to stand out for game, not just attire

Aug. 23 - 6:51
Fowler takes plunge into FedEx Cup playoff run

Jan. 26 - 3:38
Season preview: Is Rickie Fowler ready to win?

July 16 - 2:04
Fowler excels on tough day, remains in contention

Oct. 26 - 1:57
Rickie Fowler: Full speed ahead

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