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Megan Thothong
Megan Thothong Stories
Feb. 09 - 7:35
Houston grinds out final day to capture UCF Challenge title

Feb. 07 - 6:19
Houston holds lead after Day 1 at UCF Challenge

Jan. 11 - 6
Women's preview: American Athletic Conference

March 17 - 10:31
Team of the week: Houston

March 10 - 6:19
Houston women capture UNF Collegiate for 1st-ever team title

Sept. 12 - 9:43
Notes: Hester gets 1st win; Houston debuts

Nov. 13 - 6:13
National Signing Day: Class of 2014 girls signees

Sept. 19 - 9:56
New Jersey, Florida tied at Women's State Team

July 24 - 10:03

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