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George McNeill
Fort Myers, Fla.

Height: 6 ft., 1 in. Weight: 180 Turned Pro: 1998

College: Florida State DOB: 10/2/1975

Bio: Named to the All-America team and the all-conference team during his days at Florida State University. Was an all-district baseball player as a sophomore at North Fort Myers High School. Graduated from same high school as Deion Sanders, Mike Greenwell, Jevon Kearse, Richard Fain and Noel Devine. Lists Kevin Kenny, Dr. Jim Suttie and Greg LaBelle as instructors. Says winning the 2007 Open in Las Vegas is his biggest thrill in golf. Biggest thrill outside of golf is tarpon fishing. Never travels without jeans and a t-shirt. First car was a 1979 Ford Mustang. Favorite courses are Turnberry in Scotland and the National Golf Links in West Hampton, NY, and would like to play Augusta National. Favorite teams are Florida State, the Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Rays. Favorite tv show is "Entourage" and "The Shawshank Redemption" is his favorite movie. Robert De Niro is his favorite entertainer, Randy Wayne is his favorite author and his favorite athlete to watch is Roger Federer. His favorite food is lasagna. Charlotte, NC, and Park City, UT, are his favorite cities to visit, and the Florida Keys are his favorite vacation spot. Would add his dad, Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Nichols to his dream foursome. Bucket list includes hunting cape buffalo in Africa. Charity works include Southwest Florida Junior Golf, the Bobby Nichols Charity Classic benefiting Children's Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida and the Center for Abused Women of Southwest Florida. Has three sisters and one brother.(Bio information from Golfweek research and

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