PNGA Junior Amateur

8/12/2013 - 8/16/2013

Location: Bear Mountain Resort (Valley and Mountain Course), Victoria, British Columbia

Type: Junior Boys 

Match Play
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
2 Frank Garber def. Kevin Vigna 1 up
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
4 Frank Garber def. Aubrey Mackenzie 4-3
4 Kevin Vigna def. Logan Yanick 2-1
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
8 Frank Garber def. Hunter Ostrom 4-2
8 Aubrey Mackenzie def. Joe Fryer 19 holes
8 Logan Yanick def. Eugene Wackerbath 2-1
8 Kevin Vigna def. Zach Evens 4-3
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
16 Frank Garber def. Jaesung Choi 1 up
16 Hunter Ostrom def. Keaton Gudz 3-2
16 Aubrey Mackenzie def. Greg Gildea 3-1
16 Joe Fryer def. Zach Anderson 3-1
16 Logan Yanick def. Diefo San Pedro 2-1
16 Kevin Vigna def. Drew McCullough 5-4
16 Zach Evens def. James Chang 19 holes
16 Eugene Wackerbath def. Jake Ryerson 19 holes
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
32 Frank Garber def. Nolan Backman 4-3
32 Aubrey Mackenzie def. Spencer Tibbits 1 up
32 Diego San Pedro def. Andrew Funk 1 up
32 Logan Yanick def. Tristan Mandur 4-2
32 Eugene Wackerbarth def. James Nugent 3-1
32 Kevin Vigna def. Alan Jack Ewart 2 up
32 Jaesung Choi def. Marcus Brown 2-1
32 Keaton Gudz def. Joe Highsmith 2-1
32 Hunter Ostrom def. Adam Barker 2 up
32 Greg Gildea def. Hiro Minakawa 5-4
32 Zach Anderson def. Hunter Phelan 3-2
32 Joe Fryer def. David Ganz 2 up
32 Jake Ryerson def. Hayden Ritter 6-5
32 Drew McCullough def. Braden Luper 2-1
32 James Chang def. Owen Kai Xiong 1 up
32 Zach Evens def. Andrew Raab 3-2
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