Michigan Women's Amateur

8/12/2013 - 8/16/2013

Location: Walnut Hills CC, East Lansing, Mich.

Type: Women's Amateur 

Match Play
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
2 Christine Meier def. Hailey Hrynewich 3-2
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
4 Christine Meier def. Aya Johnson 1 up
4 Hailey Hrynewich def. Jennifer Elsholz 20 holes
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
8 Christine Meier def. Jacqueline Setas 20 holes
8 Aya Johnson def. Ella Pendy 4-3
8 Jennifer Elsholz def. Julia Montgomery 4-3
8 Hailey Hrynewich def. Sarah Thompson 19 holes
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
16 Julia Montgomery def. Sarah Hoffman 2-1
16 Christine Meier def. Elizabeth Nagel 19 holes
16 Jacqueline Setas def. Chloe Lawrie 1 up
16 Ella Pendy def. Kelsey Murphy 1 up
16 Aya Johnson def. Lindsey Lammers 2-1
16 Jennifer Elsholz def. Emma Salata 20 holes
16 Sarah Thompson def. Kimberley Dinh 19 holes
16 Hailey Hrynewich def. Elle Nichols 2-1
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
32 Christine Meier def. Allyson Greer 3-1
32 Aya Johnson def. Jaclyn Fanola 4-2
32 Julie Montgomery def. Hannah Pietila 5-4
32 Jennifer Elsholz def. Christina Cibrario 8-7
32 Hailey Hrynewich def. Gabrielle Shipley 20 holes
32 Kelsey Murphy def. Sarah Johnson 1 up
32 Lindsey Lammers def. Caroline Harding 6-4
32 Sarah Hoffman def. Julie Massa 5-4
32 Emma Salata def. Kaitlyn Watkins 2 up
32 Kimberley Dinh def. Adrienne Plourde 2-1
32 Sarah Thompson def. Carley Saint-Onge 3-1
32 Elle Nichols def. Giselle Claux 3-1
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