North Carolina Junior Boys Championship

6/18/2013 - 6/21/2013

Location: Prestonwood CC, Cary, N.C.

Type: Junior Boys 

Match Play
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
2 Austin Inman def. Keegan Hoff 3-2
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
4 Keegan Hoff def. Benjamin Griffin 2-1
4 Austin Inman def. Stephen Saleeby 4-2
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
8 Stephen Saleeby def. McKenzie Barringer 1 up
8 Keegan Hoff def. Christian Hodge 5-4
8 Benjamin Griffin def. Trey Guy 2-1
8 Austin Inman def. Tanner Owen 19 holes
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
16 Trey Guy def. William Register 1 up
16 McKenzie Barringer def. Jacob Kennedy 5-4
16 Tanner Owen def. David Kocher 2 up
16 Keegan Hoff def. Thomas Eldridge 1 up
16 Christian Hodge def. James Mishoe IV 2-1
16 Benjamin Griffin def. Will Minton 2-1
16 Stephen Saleeby def. Eric Bae 1 up
16 Austin Inman def. John Landers III 5-4
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
32 Trey Guy def. Hunter Oxford 4-3
32 McKenzie Barringer def. Jordan Clontz 4-3
32 Stephen Saleeby def. Bryce Hendrix 2-1
32 Austin Inman def. Christian Constance 3-2
32 Tanner Owen def. Philip Oweida 2 up
32 John Landers III def. Harrison D Frye 1 up
32 David Kocher def. Peyton White 3-2
32 William Register def. Doc Redman 5-4
32 Jacob Kennedy def. Davis Kiger 4-3
32 Keegan Hoff def. Eric Mitchell 2 up
32 Thomas Eldridge def. Will Blalock 3-2
32 James Mishoe def. Elliott Grayson 2 up
32 Christian Hodge def. Grant Powell 3-1
32 Benjamin Griffin def. Ben Schlottman 4-2
32 Will Minton def. James Sugg 2-1
32 Eric Bae def. Matt Mahoney 5-4
Note: In compiling our archives, some information, such as earnings or relation to par, was unavailable. If information is missing, such as earnings, it does not necessarily mean that no money was earned and should not be interpreted as such.