Michigan Senior Match Play

5/28/2013 - 5/31/2013

Location: Travis Pointe CC, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Type: Men's Senior Amateur 

Match Play
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
2 Mike Raymond def. Greg Reynolds 20 holes
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
4 Mike Raymond def. Larry Vaughan 2-1
4 Greg Reynolds def. Mike Fedewa 2-1
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
8 Larry Vaughan def. Jerry Blake 2-1
8 Mike Raymond def. Charles H. Edwards 4-3
8 Greg Reynolds def. Dr. Mark J. Mann 4-3
8 Mike Fedewa def. Lee Lambarth 5-3
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
16 Larry Vaughan def. Craig Camalo 2 up
16 Jerry Blake def. Bill Zylstra 4-2
16 Charles H. Edwards def. Mike Sequite 2-1
16 Mike Raymond def. Jim Dales 2-1
16 Dr. Mark J. Mann def. Jeff Knudson 3-1
16 Greg Reynolds def. Bob Wilson 8-7
16 Mike Fedewa def. John Richart 3-2
16 Lee Lambarth def. Bob Dexter 1 up
Round Of Winner's Name Loser's Name Score
32 Bill Zylstra def. John Armstrong 21 holes
32 Jerry Blake def. Donald Simmons 4-3
32 Craig Camalo def. Doug Anderson 2 up
32 Mike Sequite def. Randy Lewis 7-5
32 Charles H. Edwards def. Robert J. Roehrig 1 up
32 Jim Dales def. Ron Perrine 3-1
32 Jeff Knudson def. Mark Christenson 19 holes
32 Dr. Mark J. Mann def. Jack Stollsteimer 3-2
32 Bob Wilson def. Ray Emsley 3-2
32 John Richart def. Steve Goldstein 5-4
32 Mike Fedewa def. Mike Tungate 5-3
32 Lee Lambarth def. Ian Harris 6-4
32 Bob Dexter def. Bill Vandermass 3-1
32 Larry Baughan def. Jeff Beckett 1 up
32 Mike Raymond def. Woody Longeway 22 holes
32 Greg Reynolds def. Martin Peck 3-2
Note: In compiling our archives, some information, such as earnings or relation to par, was unavailable. If information is missing, such as earnings, it does not necessarily mean that no money was earned and should not be interpreted as such.